I'll be honest with you Gentle Reader.  I'm kind of torn on the whole lumber industry.  I enjoy authentic wooden floors.  I enjoy wood used to make houses.  I enjoy authentic wooded furniture---Both the functionality and the appearance of it.  However, entire forests were cut down to make all that lumber.  How many of the trees that were cut down were replaced by brand new trees.  Who does the planting?  Will the lumber industry plant new trees to replace the trees that were cut down?  Is the planting of new trees the job of somebody else?  What happens if humanity runs out of trees to cut down.  Using natural resources involves setting some natural resources aside for future use.  If we squander all the natural resources all at once, there won't be any left over for the next generation to be using.  Recycle whenever possible.  Plant a few trees.  Be kind to the Earth and the Earth will be kind to you right back.
And as I'm lost in thought while thinking about wood and lumber along with the planting of baby trees, here are some photos of second generation Korean-American Jamie Chung.

 Caroline D'Amore and Jamie Chung
 Caroline D'Amore

Abbie Cornish and Jamie Chung

 Abbie Cornish

 Abbie Cornish and Richard Madden

 Conor Leslie and Abbie Cornish

 Conor Leslie

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