There are so many classic moments in so many films, that it's hard to single out just one.  Robin Williams died yesterday August 11, 2014 when he hung himself in an act of suicide.  Robin Williams died too soon and the sitcom he starred with Sarah Michelle Gellar entitled the Crazy Ones was canceled much too quickly.  So much unexplored potential that will now never be realized.

Robin Williams plays a serial killing photo lab developer who makes duplicates of photos of people he intends to kill in One Hour Photo.  Seen here is Robin Williams and Connie Nielsen.
Robin Williams as a sexual offender pretending to be a cop and sexually assaulting innocent women while pretending to investigate them (Because his character Merritt Rook believes that criminal women needs to be sexually assaulted) in the Law and Order:  Special Victims Unit episode Authority.  Here he's being investigated by Mariska Hargitay as Detective Olivia Benson and Christopher Meloni as Detective Elliot Stabler.

 Robin Williams with JoJo Levesque in the comedy film RV.

 Robin Williams as a Roman Catholic Priest with Mandy Moore and John Krasinski in License to Wed.

Christine Taylor, Mandy Moore and Robin Williams in License to Wed.
Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges in the Fisher King.  Former Monte Python member Terry Gilliam returns to the legend of the Holy Grail.  This time, Robin Williams plays a homeless vagrant who convinces Jeff Bridges playing a Rush Limbaugh clone of a shock talk radio show to help him find the Holy Grail in New York City.  Jeff Bridges felt responsible for the homeless vagrant because he compelled a psychotic conservative to commit mass murder in an alcohol tavern, killed the wife of a man he never met which drove him to chronic homelessness.
 Matt Damon and Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.  Robin Williams won the Academy Award for best Supporting Actor for Good Will Hunting after being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor three times and lost each time.
Not only did Robin Williams played a school teacher in Good Will Hunting, he also played a teacher in Dead Poets Society.  Presented here is the most famous and iconic scene in the film.
 Robin Williams plays an army officer working at a United States Armed Forces radio station who uses shock radio techniques to inspire United States soldiers using Liberalism as a tool in Good Morning Vietnam.
Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell and Robin Williams as a grown up to adulthood version of Peter Pan in the fairy tale movie Hook.  Robin Williams played a wall street broker named Peter Banning who's investigation into the kidnapping of his children led to the discovery that he's the grownup adult version of Peter Pan in Steven Speilberg's action/adventure fairy tale.

The two Robins making a nest together in the comedy film Toys.  Robin Williams fights for the heart and soul of his father's toy manufacturing corporation and tries to prevent it from making toys designed to kill, hurt and maim.  Robin Wright (Sometimes named Robin Wright Penn) plays his girlfriend.

Of course, Robin Williams will always be remembered as Mork in the classic sitcom series Mork and Mindy also starring Pam Dawber as Mindy

Robin Williams playing video games with his daughter Zelda Williams.  And yes, Zelda Williams is named after the videogame the Legend of Zelda.  Robin Williams and Zelda Williams acted in the film House of D together.

He made us laugh and now he's among the angels up in heaven.
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