Artem Furman is the latest winner of the X-Factor franchise when he won the X-Factor Poland on May 31, 2014.  The X-Factor is a talent competition game show series that covers forty-two environments.  Some of those environments such as England, Australia or the United States covers a single nation.  Some of those environments such as the X-Factor:  The Essence of Success covers the entire Arab World.  The X Factor U.S.A. only lasted three seasons before it was canceled due to low ratings.  The X-Factor:  The Essence of Success was broadcast throughout the entire Arab World from 2006 to 2007, canceled due to low ratings, switched networks and returned for a third season in 2013.  The X-Factor UK is much more successful than both the X-Factor U.S.A. and the X-Factor:  The Essence of Success covering the entire Arab World combined and almost nearly multiplied by the number two.  The British always had a better appreciation for this talent competition game show for reasons that both the United States and the Entire Arab World was never able to duplicate, but would love to make the effort someday. 
The X-Factor UK is about to broadcast it's eleventh season with TalkTalk Telecom Group as the sponsor with Dermot O'Leary as the host and Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Former Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole and former Spice Girls member Melanie Brown aka Mel B as the hosts.  While former Spice Girls member turned two album solo performer Mel B has a sizable following in the United States of America, former Girls Aloud member turned four album solo performer Cheryl Cole is blockbuster smash hit famous in England, but obscure to the point of being a complete flop on United States of America soil.  Still, Cheryl Cole is still hoping that the blockbuster success she enjoys in England will someday follow her to the United States of America.  At any rate, it's already time for auditions for the X-Factor UK while Mel B is also judging on America's Got Talent simultaneously.  It's a tricky multi-national balancing act for Mel B who's primary source of income has been judging talent competition shows in England, Australia and the United States.
Cheryl Cole arriving for the X-Factor UK Auditions

Mel B showing up for the X-Factor UK auditions

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