With the cancelation of the United States of America daytime soap opera As the World Turns on September 17, 2010, the BBC daytime soap opera Coronation Street became the longest running daytime soap opera in television history.  The daytime soap opera was centered almost exclusively on a fictional road in London, England called Coronation Street.  In fictional London, England, former British King Edward VII (The last known Monarch of Great Brittan to resign from office) decreed that a road be build in honor of his coronation as Monarch of Great Brittan and thus the name of the daytime soap opera Coronation StreetCoronation Street has all the familiar ingredients:  Wealthy families acting badly, romantic triangles, breakups, hook ups, multiple partners and sex obsessed players acting badly. 
Sophie Webster of the popular Webster family has been on the show since 1994, but not always performed by the same actress.  Ashleigh Middleton played the role from 1994 to 1997.  Emma Woodward played the role from 1997 to 2004.  Brooke Vincent was the third actress to play the role from 2004 to current.  It's hard to know if all three versions of Sophie Webster even resembled each other because Brooke Vincent is the most popular version of the role to such a degree that Brooke Vincent pretty much owns the role.  I never actually watched the show and no photos of Ashleigh Middleton nor Emma Woodward can be found on the Internet.  All the photos of Sophie Webster only consist of Brooke Vincent and nobody else.  It's doubtful that Sophie Webster would ever survive if Brooke Vincent were to leave the show so let's hope that Brooke Vincent stays employed on the daytime soap opera Coronation Street for a very long time.

Brooke Vincent as Sophie Webster and Amy Kelly as Maddie Heath in scenes from the BBC daytime soap opera Coronation Street.

More Coronation Street scenes involving Brooke Vincent as Sophie Webster.

Brooke Vincent's private moments when the filming cameras isn't rolling, but other cameras are rolling instead.

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