The week started at the Valentino Fashion Show.  Emma Watson has always been interested in the fashion design creations of Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani.  She tries to wear dresses designed by Valentino every chance she gets.  And she never turns down the chance to view the latest dresses created by her favorite fashion designer.  And once again, the fashion show was a delight to the senses to the young lady.

Emma Watson wasn't alone in viewing the latest creations from Valentino.  Emma Watson, Princess Maria Olympia of Greece and Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece sat together and girl talked as the fashion models walked up and down the fashion runway.
It was later that week that Emma Watson received thrilling news from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon that she has been named Goodwill Ambassador to Women by the United Nations.  And in honor of the glorious event, Emma Watson was required to give a speech about feminism and the need to fight sexism before the entire United Nations.  And so Emma Watson gave a speech about the need to spread feminism and equality of the genders before the entire United Nations while seated alongside UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

 Emma Watson was honored to be a part of the United Nations HeForShe campaign alongside UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.  It was her hopes that her efforts would spread feminism even farther around the globe than ever before.

 Emma Watson and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon stood alongside Madam Yoo (Ban) Soon-taek and Kiefer Sutherland (Donald Sutherland's son and star of the television series 24).
 Kiefer Sutherland was thrilled to spend the day at the United Nations with Emma Watson.

Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic) has been named Messenger of Peace by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.  Leonardo DiCaprio already has huge plans in store for his brand new role as Messenger of Peace that will end violence and war everywhere to ensure peaceful dialogue instead of violent conflict all over the globe.   

 As the Official United Nations Ambassador to Women, Emma Watson spoke eloquently about the need to end sexism in the South American nation of Uruguay.  She also spoke of the need to improve the political and social instability of Uruguay.  And it was Emma Watson's hope that much needed assistance is provided to the nation of Uruguay soon because it breaks her heart to see the citizens of Uruguay suffer in so much agony. 

And so Emma Watson continues to fight for feminism and for equality for women everywhere as the United Nations Ambassador to Women.  And the fight continues to this exact moment of time.
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