Perceptions can be deceiving.  The Earth's moon looks so tiny when you see it from Earth.  The moon looks small enough to fit inside the palm of the hand.  It's hard to believe that when on the moon that it would take hours or even days, months or even years just to travel in a straight line.  Yet it's all palm sized when seen from here.  And oh what fun it must be to see the Earth rising above the lunar horizon when it's night out.  And oh what fun it must be to see the Earth setting below the lunar horizon when day approaches.  Yeah, I'll never get the chance, but perhaps the next generation or perhaps the generation after that will get the chance---Assuming that NASA ever succeeds in getting their act together.
And as I'm lost in thought under the light of the moon, here are some photos of Molly Ringwald.

 Quincy Jones and Molly Ringwald
 Molly Ringwald

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