It's fun when a problem is solved.  It's fun when a solution is discovered.  The fun of a jigsaw puzzle is when all the pieces fall into place and the picture is produced from all those tiny itty bitty fragments.  And when the problem is solved, there is happiness to be found.  A puzzle without a solution isn't nearly as exciting as a puzzle with a solution.  A story that is told in it's entirety isn't nearly as interesting as a story that's told in it's entirety.  To produce a puzzle without a solution and no way to produce a solution is tough to deal with.  It's far better to solve a puzzle to get a better idea what the big picture turns out to be.  A positive feeling of accomplish is followed by happiness and satisfaction.  It's always good to feel happy and satisfied with a solved puzzle followed by a job that's well done in an effective manner.
And as I'm lost in thought while it's late at night, here are some photos of Hawaiian, Filipina and Russian descended Nicole Scherzinger.

 Samuel L Jackson and Nicole Scherzinger
 Will Ferrell and Nicole Scherzinger
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